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Posted by Alex Winkler on Jul 26, 2017 7:00:00 AM

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Live at the beach. Work in the cloud.

Sara and Tim Hale came from traveling almost 100 percent of the time for the technology firm they previously worked, which resulted in a non-existent work-life balance. They wanted room for family in their lives, so they set out to try to create the kind of company where they would want to work themselves. Locations that were financially affordable for it’s employees, were considered non-traditional tech hubs and offered great culture were high on their lists.

Coastal Cloud’s three solution centers, Palm Coast FL, Steamboat Springs CO, and Louisville KY each checked off all of the criteria the Hales were looking for.


Chris Hahn on what makes Coastal Cloud different from Coastal Cloud on Vimeo.


Palm Coast, Coastal’s headquarters, is located only minutes from the beach and was an instant selection because of it’s natural, untouched beaches.  Jake Scully, a Coastal Cloud consultant living in Florida explained, “Some people have the best of both worlds, I have the best of ALL worlds. I live and work in an admittedly humid Paradise, but Paradise nonetheless.”

“Mountain Cloud”, the office in Colorado, is known for its location near the ski slopes. An online travel site describes Steamboat Springs as “a ski town...that offers outdoor recreation of every stripe and season.” Native employee, Alison Liley explained that when she’s not working she tries to take advantage of all the active, outdoor activities Colorado has to offer- skiing, hiking, biking, fishing, camping... and the list goes on.

Lastly, the “River Cloud” or as others like to call it, “Bourbon Cloud,” is located in the trendy and bustling area of Nulu in downtown Louisville. Nulu is home to award-winning restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, distilleries, and more. And less than an hour away, there is the juxtaposed scenic landscape of gorgeous rolling hills and miles of prestigious horse farms.

Each location offers a unique lifestyle with the ability to work for a next-generation company. The essence of Coastal Cloud’s motto: “Live at the beach, work in the cloud” can be applied to each of its selected solution centers and is the core to the company’s culture. 

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