1. The People

Posted by Alex Winkler on Aug 4, 2017 7:00:00 AM


Did you miss the beginning of our Top 10 series on what makes Coastal Cloud a fast growing and fun environment to work in based on our employees opinions? Start here.


Our favorite part of Coastal Cloud.

People are the most important piece to Coastal Cloud, giving this category the number 1 spot. When the team was asked to name their top 3 favorite reason they love working at Coastal Cloud, more than 70% of the responses included “coworkers.” The culture video does an excellent job of capturing the fun-loving personalities of the team. The people really do embrace the unique culture at Coastal and add to it.

Coastal Cloud - All Hands 2017 from Coastal Cloud on Vimeo.

Without Coastal’s unique team, the company would not have the success it has today.

Consultant Greg Akinbiyi said it best: “We have some really, really, I mean really smart people who are everyday people that love life.”

Coastal has hired people with over 20 years of experience in the IT community, and they’ve also hired people who are brand new.

One employee said, “Coastal continues to invest in my development, and they took a chance on me when I had absolutely zero IT experience. They have given me incredible opportunities that motivate me to contribute my best work to the company.”

The team is made up of people with completely different talents, interests, and backgrounds. This is why the people are crucial to the success of Coastal. Since Coastal has the 3 different “hubspots,” as well as satellite employees, team members come from all over and each has a unique story to share. Team members are in all stages of life, making the dynamic within the workplace different and fun.

Senior Implementation Consultant, Greg Reiter said “I love working with a diverse set of people that are fun, energetic, and all have an entrepreneurial mindset. Oh, and having beer in the office doesn’t hurt!”

Coastal owes its recognitions from Florida Trend and Jacksonville Business Journal to the people that make this company fast and fun.



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