10. Virtual Happy Hour

Posted by Alex Winkler on Jul 24, 2017 7:00:00 AM

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You read that right! Happy Hour!

Who says a virtual workplace can’t have a happy hour? At Coastal Cloud, they are a routine team gathering without all the business talk. Every Friday, employees located all over the country log on for a networking happy hour. Whether at home or at one of our hub locations (Palm Coast, Florida; Louisville, Kentucky or Steamboat Springs, Colorado), team members grab their drink of choice and catch up with their coworkers.

This social event is a great way for employees to get to know each other and catch up on each other’s personal lives since over seventy-percent are located remotely in various states. Nicole Tompkins, Solutions Architect for Coastal Cloud says, “I love being able to catch up with my friends and co-workers at the end of the week. We are such a geographically dispersed company, it’s sometimes hard to gain meaningful relationships with co-workers, but our virtual happy hours help bridge that encumbrance. Plus, it's a great start to my weekend."

The inception of Coastal Cloud’s virtual happy hour has a great story as well. "The virtual happy hour was actually an employee idea,” explained Sheri Nygaard, Director of People and Culture for Coastal Cloud. “We are always listening to the wants and needs of our employees to make it the best work environment possible for them. We do this through a weekly one item questionnaire called the Friday Feedback which has great response.  Listening to our people is just one of the many reasons we recently ranked on Florida Trend's Best Places to Work list.

This fun event is just one example of the quirky and unique culture at Coastal Cloud where the employees enjoy life together!

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