2. Flexibility

Posted by Alex Winkler on Aug 3, 2017 7:00:00 AM


Did you miss the beginning of our Top 10 series on what makes Coastal Cloud a fast growing and fun environment to work in based on our employees opinions? Start here.

Fast, Fun, and Flexible. 

The flexibility that Coastal Cloud gives its employees is unparalleled. It is very common for employees to work from home (as I write this blog from my back porch in Louisville on a clear summer morning). With an internet capable device, employees can work from just about anywhere. This enhances the quality of life that the founders strive to give their employees. Consultant Gaines Adams, who works in the mountains of Colorado, explains that he gets to ski everyday. “That’s the beauty of Coastal Cloud, you get to do the fun things you want while working on meaningful projects.”

With employees all over the country, communicating via video chat or email is crucial. The only resource that a team member needs is a device that allows them to connect.  

Amy Hanlon, the Marketing Manager for Coastal Cloud, attested to the great “life-work balance” that this virtual job gives her. “For me, the schedule flexibility is huge! I have two very active children, so having the opportunity to not miss out on their events is priceless. I can go from a school play to a basketball game without worrying about my work schedule. I decide when and where I work with the understanding that work expectations are high and goals must be met. To me, that trade-off is worth it.”

Co-founders Tim and Sara Hale understand the struggles of working parents. They wanted to create a business that they wanted to work in. Flexibility is key to that. Sara mentioned, “we try to provide a schedule and a flexibility that supports that.” She goes on to explain “that’s really valuable because we tend to retain our clients and our people.”

Coastal Cloud’s flexibility ultimately pays off because retaining employees retains clients. Retaining clients leads to referrals and new leads. Fast, Fun and Flexibility are just three reasons why Coastal is named Florida Trend’s 3rd best place to work in 2017. 


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