4. Professional Growth

Posted by Alex Winkler on Aug 1, 2017 7:36:38 AM


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"Coastal Cloud is very supportive of its employees."

Fully-paid certifications for employees are not the only opportunities that Coastal Cloud offers. Many have been asked to give speeches and speak on panels around the world. Employees share their knowledge and opinions of current and future technologies.

IT consultant, Renell Carpenter said, "I have never been comfortable making presentations to large groups and therefore rarely seek out such opportunities. Recently, however, I was asked by one of our vendor partners to present to a client about our project and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the experience. I gained confidence in my abilities to speak in this capacity." It is not uncommon for Coastal employees take on leadership positions and represent Coastal Cloud professionally.

Similarly, Coastal Cloud consultant Amy Oplinger has had the privilege of speaking on a few podcasts. She is also scheduled to speak at Midwest Dreamin’ in Chicago in August and India Dreamin’ in Noida, India in September. What an honor! Oplinger explains “Public speaking allows employees to improve communication skills, build confidence, and as a result, serve clients better. I am very happy that Coastal Cloud is very supportive of employees pursuing these opportunities for professional growth.”

User Groups are also great ways to expand professional skills. These relaxed gatherings meet once a month all over the world. Clients are invited to learn new software and share common challenges they have faced. This is an excellent way to connect with many different industries. Attendees cover almost every industry, making user groups awesome and relaxed networking events.

Kate Vickery, a User Group leader in Colorado, explained “Our User Group leaders are able to network and stand out within their local communities, and often they have the opportunity to present topics to their groups.” User Groups are great for the community to collaborate on common challenges and how to prevent them in the future. Coastal Cloud prepares their employees for anything that life may throw their way!



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