5 Things to Consider Before Migrating to Lightning Experience

Posted by Natalia Montilla on Sep 5, 2017 9:28:59 AM


Salesforce Lightning Experience offers new features, easier navigation and a cleaner interface so for some clients it might be tempting to just make the move to Lightning right away. Migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning may be a no brainer for some, but in certain situations, the right time to switch comes with the right assessment. Understanding the value and limitations that the move could bring to your organization is critical.  Here are five things we suggest you consider before making the move.  

  1. Start by asking questions, LOTS of questions.
    Questions that will help you understand the “Why”: What is the main purpose for switching to Lightning? Are you trying to leverage new features? What about new applications from the App Exchange? What added value will the end user have today? What about the future? 
  1. View a demo of Lightning.
    Make sure to have the Classic vs. Lightning conversation early in the process. We recommend viewing a quick demo of both interfaces during the discovery phase so you can get familiar with navigation and features; setting up expectations ahead of time.
  1. Do your internal users currently use Classic?
    If so, try to give your users some time to get to know Lightning and make sure you participate in a training session that will cover Lightning vs. Classic; “how to’s” for your end users. This will help to drive adoption.
  1. Facilitate a side by side comparison of features for both interfaces.
    Discuss the comparisons and clearly identify pros and limitations. (There are several resources online that can help you with this.) You’ll also want to run the Lightning Readiness report from the Lightning Experience Migration Assistance tool. This will identify “how ready” your system is to make the move and what needs to be done to get there.
  1. Leverage available resources.
    Resources such as Trailhead, Lightning Circle of Success and Salesforce User Groups are great resources to share best practices, have discussions with peers, help with a smooth transition and make the path to Lightning a successful one.

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