9. Interesting and Challenging Work

Posted by Alex Winkler on Jul 25, 2017 7:00:00 AM


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"Our entrepreneurial environment allows and rewards those who look for improvement opportunities."

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There’s always something new to learn in the IT world!

The IT consulting industry is always evolving and constantly presents new challenges. From software and platform updates and additions to client questions and IT restructuring, the day to day work is constantly changing.

Coastal Cloud has instilled a learning mentality within its culture that encourages it’s employees to take the time to learn new skills and to reach out to their co-workers for collaborative learning. Chris Hahn, Coastal Cloud’s Chief Operating Officer explains that everyday is different when you work at Coastal Cloud. "There are always things to work on and to improve upon. We have an entrepreneurial environment which allows and rewards those who look for those improvement opportunities."

Coastal Cloud embraces projects that are out of the box and requires strategic thinking. One example of this is a project Coastal Cloud did for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). FWC initially had a different database for each wildlife species and each was on a different technology. Coastal was able to condense everything into one cloud-based system that is traditionally used for businesses and reconfigured it to give a holistic view of multiple wildlife travel patterns and human interactions within the state. This project was named a 2017 Prudential Productivity Team Award winner due to its innovation.

To keep employees abreast of new offerings and industry updates, Coastal provides monthly virtual events such as the Lunch-n-Learn and morning Coffee Talks. This practice allows the entire Coastal team to learn in a group setting about partner software, new practices or discuss new solutions to common client problems. These opportunities make it easy to clear up any questions an employee may have about a technology, discuss success stories or simply learn about a new innovative partner and their offerings.

Senior Consultant John Receveur explains that, “Each client has unique needs and ideas of how to improve their business. It's great to come armed with tools to help them address those needs.” Coastal Cloud challenges the team to equip themselves with the knowledge they need to help any client.

Coastal has helped 260 clients move away from their costly, legacy systems and learn new solutions that are affordable, efficient, and tailored to the clients specific needs.


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