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Posted by Ryan Ropero on Aug 28, 2017 1:00:00 PM

For Lori Lenehan at Coastal Cloud, harnessing the power of technology to assist healthcare sector clients is a job with both challenges and significant rewards. As Managing Director, Healthcare, Lenehan said the challenging aspect is that healthcare is such a rapidly evolving and fluid industry. However, she believes in Coastal Cloud’s ability to make a positive change for a wide variety of healthcare clients, from payers to patients.

Lenehan manages the reins for Coastal Cloud’s health care clients, its second largest industry sector and roughly 20 percent of its overall business. “While technology will provide a way to enable people to get care and services they need to have, it is also important to have preventive, proactive health care,” said Lenehan. “As Healthcare spending continues to grow, two trends emerge: patient-centered value based frameworks and outcome based contracting. The focus is on patient outcomes versus traditional fee for service. Data liquidity, which provides the right data to the right person at the right time, is critical to empowering the patient to be at the center of the critical decision-making process.

For example, do they want to have hip replacement at a certain facility or with an orthopedic surgeon or another one.  Financial incentives are also encouraging innovation in services.  Access to data coupled with sophisticated algorithms is enabling payors, providers and patients to focus on a bundled care approach resulting in better outcomes over traditional episodic care. “In this regard, Coastal Cloud’s technology has applications for these and other health care trends such as population health and preventive health.

Coastal Cloud, a cloud-based information technology services and business consulting firm, has individualized approaches to provide solutions for four different facets of health care sector clients: payers, providers, medical device companies and data management and service providers.

For payors, Coastal Cloud can help with data management needed to qualify providers such as doctors and nurses for provider networking. “For health insurers, it’s a laborious process to gather a couple hundred data points about a provider and then compare to specific databases that gather information about different providers. There are also government regulations about certain coverage provided or doctors within a given area or zip code. They identify and accredit doctors within different specialties, so our job is to ensure they have a robust network, which provides a big savings. We help manage the contracts and manage how they’re preforming.”

On the provider side, Coastal Cloud assists with managing the data involved with patient claims as well as managing some of their products and equipment. “For providers, meaning doctors, hospitals, medical facilities, etc. we also qualify different caregivers you may have on site,” explained Lenehan. “One of the key things we did was automate the rules, so once we identified key questions, the provider representatives were able to validate all of that data and do a comparison. This meant the business cases went from taking two weeks to complete doing it in a day,” said Lenehan.

Lenehan explained that another benefit Coastal Cloud can give providers that is useful and robust in Salesforce is about patient care plans. “If you identify someone as high risk, maybe diabetes, you can look at all the data and keep them on track. We can integrate external data to support in-depth analysis to identify and create repeatable care plans. That way, the insurance company or primary care provider can follow up on a patient getting a diabetes test, or a breast exam, for example.” Lenehan said this helps to reduce costs because the doctor or insurance company follow up may prevent an expensive emergency room visit for high-risk patients.

A 400-bed pediatric healthcare provider in Texas has utilized Coastal Cloud for a variety of information technology and data needs. For one project, the company helped the physician relations staff by updating their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, increasing the effectiveness of the team. They also helped by automating support desk services for its more than 7,000 employees, helping to streamline the ticket support lifecycle and prioritizing urgent technology requests. In addition, the provider’s facilities maintenance group, who is responsible for management, repair and maintenance of all hospital equipment, was operating with outdated software that did not meet all their needs. Coastal Cloud’s efforts resulted in a significant cost reduction in software licenses as well as a decrease in turnaround time for repair and maintenance requests.

Another health care sector Coastal Cloud works with is medical device manufacturers. For these clients, Coastal Cloud can support the entire pipeline from start to finish – from taking the orders, to supporting the manufacturing, to tracking the devices, ensuring re-supply, accurate billing, and even device recall if needed for any issues. Coastal Cloud can use Salesforce integrational systems and technology to do those validations and automate it.

Lastly, Coastal Cloud’s health care clients include data management and service providers. These clients are often capturing data and statistics about providers, and following up on issues that need to be addressed. “Maybe the provider has poor business hours which is limiting patients’ access to appointments a,” said Lenehan. “Or maybe the providers are not proactively following up on their patient’s care plans. In a similar way, for medical devices, it’s following up with patients or their doctors to see how the device is improving the patient’s quality of life. Our role is always to see everything is being provided appropriately and accurately,” she said. This not only improves the healthcare business, but improves the lives of its stakeholders, patients, and communities.

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