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Posted by Ryan Ropero on Feb 24, 2014 1:00:00 PM

Technology has changed the way we work, socialize and play.

Few understand the magnitude and benefits of the transformation from a business perspective better than the Flagler County high-tech businesses. With the Internet providing international accessibility and eliminating the constraint of location, the global village has been created. Businesses are no longer held hostage by the need to operate out of congested urban areas in order to be effective and successful in today’s high-tech world.

These companies can locate their operations anywhere, including paradise. And if you didn’t know this already, Flagler County’s secluded beaches, bike trails and preserves provide a perfect, employee-friendly backdrop for an emerging high-tech industry.

CoastalCloud’s professionals are proficient in industries that include telecommunications, high-tech, media, healthcare, real estate and public sector. Consultants are certified in leading edge cloud technology solutions like, HubsSpot, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and Google Apps. All of CoastalCloud’s services are 100% cloud-based to allow for complete accessibility from anywhere through various electronic media.

The Hales are veterans of the global technology consulting business with experience as senior leaders at one of the world’s largest global consulting firms. They witnessed firsthand the globalization of IT and rise of off-shore IT services. They also saw the time zone restrictions, language barriers, fragile political climates and high attrition rate of IT professionals endemic to off-shoring. In response, they have embraced a US-based rural IT sourcing that provides high quality, affordable technology services in a more efficient IT delivery model. They selected Flagler County as home for their operations.

“Flagler County stood out to us the perfect place for CoastalCloud’s home base of operations. Here we are able to attract and develop talented technology professionals who want to achieve the rare balance of exceptional quality of life, an engaging professional technology career and an affordable cost of living,” said Hale.

This fact isn’t lost on two of Flagler County’s growing high-tech newcomers, CoastalCloud and expanding TBD Partners. Tim and Sara Hale’s CoastalCloud team services its clients while wearing shorts and flip flops as the surf booms outside their corporate headquarters with its endless rhythm in the distance. CoastalCloud’s employees work with companies in the US and abroad, and have the opportunity every day to take a stroll on the beach during their lunch break.

The launch of CoastalCloud in February 2013 gave credence to a number of high-tech companies that have embraced a philosophy that resonates in CoastalCloud’s tag line, “Live at the Beach. Work in the Cloud." 

Click here to read the full Flagler County Chamber of Commerce article.

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