The Flagler County Chamber of Commerce has installed the 2016 board of directors and new Chairman Rich Stanfield.

Posted by Ryan Ropero on Jan 30, 2016 2:17:00 PM

Rich Stanfield was announced as the 2016 chairman of the board for the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce at the annual instillation banquet. The installation’s theme was “Speakeasy,” which loosely translated to glamorous sequined flapper dresses, for the women, and humble suits, topped with a tasteful hat, for the men. The fun theme turned the instillation into a party, as guests walked into an early 20th-century tavern, included with an old-West backdrop and props. A photographer was set in place to capture the moment Mayor Jon Netts was confronted by toy-gun wielding Young Professionals Group past Chairman John Distler.

As guests settled into their seats, incoming Chairman Rich Stanfield took the opportunity to thank the members and supporters of the chamber, to remark on the past, and toast to the future.

“Thank you to the members of the board, who gave their time and shared their inspiration,” Stanfield began. “I want to recognize the past-chairs for building a foundation, on which the chamber grows stronger every year. Let’s not forget the members that have volunteered to take on additional roles, like the Business Issues Committee, the Economic Alliance Council, graduating from the Flagstaff Leadership Program, or forming friendships and connections as a part of the Young Professionals Group. You all play an important role in telling the story of how important this chamber is for local businesses within the community.”

Click here to read the full Palm Coast Observer article here. 

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